Tools For Worship Events


1) Worship Workshops

Tools For Worship would love to come to your church and put on our worship workshop. These events include a night of worship (typically Friday night) followed by an all-day Saturday hands on workshop. We can teach up to 9 classes in a day that include subjects ranging from building electric guitar tone all the way to starting your own recording studio at church. For more information on this event e-mail

2) Songwriting Retreat For Your Church

Songwriting is not just something that should be left for the professionals. We believe that God is doing something unique in each congregation and as a result new songs can spring from any church. We'd love to help your church become a church that sings new songs about what the Lord is doing. The songwriting retreat events normally last 3ish days and look like gathering 5-20 "songwriters" from your local area, having a devotion time each morning, and then splitting up into groups for songwriting sessions. We bring one or two writers from Nashville, TN to help with the process as well as be a part of those sessions. Contact us at to find out more!